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Power Company Programs. What do they all mean?

Easy Green Program

New Jersey Program offered through JCP&LKvar, power, utillity, electric, company, right, wrong, way

A friend asked us about a new Power Company Program offered through JCP&L called
"EasyGreen".  The "Easy Green program may save residential customers up to $60 a year.  The savings doubles if you have two central air conditioning units.  The level of savings depends on a variety of factors, varying from home to home." 


"Most of the time, EasyGreen will not be managing your central air conditioner.  On the 10 to 20 hottest days, when regional energy consumption is high, EasyGreen will be activated and the temperature inside your home will increase to the level you agreed to."  The customer agreement is for 6°-9° higher than your thermostat is set at.  For more information about the "Easy Green" Program, refer to the JCPL website.

Load Management Meter

Pennsylvania Program offered through Penn Power

Another program is offered by Pennsylvania Power Company. (Penn Power) 
"When you sign up for the Load Management Rate, we will install a load meter in place of your normal electric meter free of charge. Your monthly bill will include slightly higher charges because of expenses associated with the load meter. Once you sign up for load management, it will remain in effect for at least 12 months. At the end of that time, we will analyze your bills and notify you if a change in your use of electricity has made standard residential rates more economical. For Penn Power customers, when your electric usage warrants, a load meter will be installed."

"Electric clothes dryers, water heaters, and heating systems are among the largest users of power in your home. Fortunately, these appliances can be controlled through automatic load control to reduce demand. An automatic load control device is programmed to automatically shut off one or more of the appliances it controls to keep your peak demand low."  This information is from the "First Energy Corp." Website. 

California, "SmartAC" Program


has a similar program, called SmartAC.  “In the summer, hundreds of thousands of air conditioners operating at the same time can sometimes push California's electrical system beyond capacity. These circumstances could result in a power interruption due to a state or local energy supply emergency. Effectively managing electric demand during these occasional peaks is a responsible way to help prevent power interruptions.”

Customers participating in this program allow their air conditioning units to automatically cycle, reducing energy consumption. SmartAC is installed on or near your air conditioner and can be activated remotely.

"When activated, your AC will do what it would normally do for about 15 minutes of every half hour-make cool air. For the other 15 minutes, your system fan will circulate already cool air and your AC will make cool air again when the next 15-minute cycle begins. SmartAC technology is installed by a certified technician and maintained for free as long as you participate in the SmartAC program."

Town of Wake Forest, NC

The Town of Wake Forest, NC has a load management program that allows a load management switch to be placed on the electric water heater, electric heat strips, as well as central air conditioning units.  During periods of heavy demand for power, radio signals to the load management switch cycle the controlled units off. The more switches the town has in place, the greater the impact of the load management program.”

"Wake Forest averages approximately ten days per month load managing. Typically, peak times occur on hot summer afternoons between 2-6 p.m. and cold winter mornings between 7-8 a.m. Customers participating in any of the load management programs usually do not notice when their load management switch is activated.”


Load Management Programs include Central Air Conditioner 50% Control - where the air conditioner compressor is cycled off for brief periods. The circulating fan continues to run and comfort levels are not affected.  Central Air Conditioner 100% Control - air conditioner compressors are turned off for the entire load management period. "Fans will continue to operate but air will not be cooled. These homes will get hot." 

This Information is from an article on the website for Wake Forest, NC, load management site. 

What do all of these Programs have in common? 

These programs affect lifestyle.

The KVAR Energy Recycler decreases the demand and improves the generation, transmission and distribution of line capacity. When electrical consumption is reduced, it is possibile that we can build less power generating stations and have less brown-outs for customers.  Power Companies put capacitors on their lines. 

Kvar National reduces electrical consumption by improving Power Quality- without a change in Lifestyle. Find out more about Power Factor Correction. 

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