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Definition of Kvar

"What does KVAR Mean?" 

(pronounced "KAY-var")

KVAR: Volt-ampere reactive

In alternating current
power transmission and distribution, volt-ampere reactive (var) is a unit used to measure reactive power in an AC electric power system. Reactive power exists in an ac circuit when the current and voltage are not changing at the same time.

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kVAR.   kilovolt-amperes reactive


Power factor is a measure of how effectively electrical power is being used. A high power factor indicates efficient use of the electrical distribution system while a low power factor indicates poor use of the system.


Many loads in industrial electrical distribution systems are inductive. They include motors, transformers, fluorescent lighting ballasts, and induction furnaces.


The line current drawn by an inductive load consists of two components: magnetizing current and power-producing current.

The magnetizing current is the current required to sustain the electro-magnetic flux or field strength in the machine. This component of current creates reactive power that is measured in kilovolt-amperes reactive (kVAR).


The real (working) power-producing current is the current that reacts with the magnetic flux to produce the mechanical output of the motor.  Real power is measured in kilowatts (kW) and can be read on a wattmeter.

Real (working) power and reactive power together make up apparent power. Apparent power is measured in kilovolt-amperes (kVA).

Excerpts from “Energy Management for Motor Driven Systems”, Office of Industrial Technologies, Energy efficiency and renewable energy, US Department of Energy, Chapter 8, Power Factor Correction

Kvar Home unit, PU1200

KVAR, by definition, means Kilo-volt amp reactive.

Our KVAR product uses the acronym as "Kilo-volt amp reduction."  

optimizes the Power Factor on motor loads using 2 different methods: 

 Panel Installations:  
    Panel Units are generally used when there are many small or intermittent loads. Homes and small business are a great application. 

"Custom-sized" Units:  
    With the Patented sizing apparatus, we can optimize the Power Factor on larger individual
motors by Custom-sizing.   This makes the motor run cooler, use less current without harming the motor, reduces line losses.  Many of our Industrial installations have reduced the Utility bill for an individual motor by 25%.

Savings are substantial.  If every home and industry were to reduce electrical waste in this way, we will improve our "Electrical Grid."  

Kvar Sizing Units, Sizing Apparatus

Why improve Power Factor?






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