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Small Home, Apartment, PU1050

Our Smaller KVAR Home Unit

This Small Single-phase KVAR Energy Controller is most appropriate for small applications, like apartments, small condos, etc. 

This is a smaller unit than our most popular Home Unit. It is appropriate for homes with an average monthly electric bill of less than $200 every month (electric bill only; exclude natural gas) If you have air conditioning but do not run it often, or if you have less motors running in your home, this is the unit you need. 

The average home has about 11 motors, running intermittently.  Examples of motors are: washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator(s), freezer(s), air conditioning, heat pump, fan, pool, spa, koi pond.  If you do not run these items often, this is the unit you'll need.

This unit is for a home where the total amount of inductive loads will be less than 50 amps.  If you run more than that on occasion, it will not affect your Kvar unit. 
 KVAR, PU1050, home, residential, single phase, unit

Understanding the Kvar Model Numbers 

Kvar Model Numbers are designated by:
PU: Stands for "Panel Unit"
The next number indicates "Phase": Three Phase
Next numbers indicate amps. 

This Kvar PU1050 is a Single Phase, 50 Amp unit.

Kvar Panel units are installed on the top breaker of your breaker box, 20 amp Dedicated Circuit Breaker.  

"Dedicated" (by itself on the breaker) If an appliance is on the same breaker as the Kvar unit, and you experience a power surge or lightning strike, your Kvar unit will take the impact-- along with your appliance.  

Top Circuit breaker is important to intercept the flow of electricity. A Kvar installation anywhere else will not give you the full savings benefit.  

Warranty:  Kvar Home units carry a 12-year warranty, 25-year life expectancy.


Kvar Units are manufactured and installed according to article 460 of the National Electrical Code. It is strongly recommended that installation be performed by an Electrician.


Beware of Counterfeit Units. We are the original, UL Listed product.


Additional Information about Kvar installation

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