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Our Larger sized Kvar Home and Small Business Unit

 KVAR, Single Phase, 400 amp, PU1400

Understanding the Kvar Model Numbers
Kvar Model Numbers are designated by:
PU: Stands for "Panel Unit"
The next number indicates "Phase": Three Phase
Next numbers indicate amps. 
This Kvar PU1400 is a Single Phase, 400 Amp unit.


This Single-phase KVAR Energy Controller is most appropriate for:


Small businesses.

Designed for installation at the Load Center, up to 400 amps with high inductive load ratios.  Typically, these are businesses running rooftop air conditioners, long running pump motors and/ or compressors.


Large homes.

Running many inductive loads: Larger and multiple refrigerators and freezers, washer, dryer, dishwasher, air conditioning, fans, pool, spa, koi pond. Most homes will benefit from the smaller unit, the PU1200. Homes have many intermittent loads and temperature / seasonal differences (the way air conditioning is used).


How do you know which unit is appropriate- PU1200 or PU1400?


Most larger homes with 400 amp service have 2 Load Centers of 200 amps each. The inductive loads of each of panel should be evaluated. (Example: if one Load Center Panel is running lights only, this panel does not need a Kvar Unit.) If each 200 amp panel has multiple inductive loads, (multiple refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, or is a Geothermal Home one PU1200 should be installed on each Load Center




Kvar Panel units are installed on the top breaker of your breaker box, 20 amp Dedicated Circuit Breaker.  

"Dedicated" (by itself on the breaker) If an appliance is on the same breaker as the Kvar unit, and you experience a power surge or lightning strike, your Kvar unit will take the impact-- along with your appliance.  

Top Circuit breaker is important to intercept the flow of electricity. A Kvar installation anywhere else will not give you the full savings benefit.  

Warranty:  Kvar Home units carry a 12-year warranty, 25-year life expectancy.


Kvar Units are manufactured and installed according to article 460 of the National Electrical Code, (NEC). It is strongly recommended that installation be performed by an Electrician


Beware of Counterfeit Units. We are the original, UL Listed product.


Additional Information about Kvar installation


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