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KVAR, PU3200, three phase, business, panel, unit

For maximum savings,
Kvar Units are recommended for large inductive loads



Our Most Popular Business Panel Unit 

"Off the Shelf" 3 ø Panel Units come in 4 sizes. A Panel Unit may be indicated for multiple and/or intermittent motors. Size needed can be determined by your Circuit Breaker Panel size. 

This unit is the most popular non-residential panel unit, 3 Phase unit. 

Kvar Model Numbers are designated by:
PU: Stands for "Panel Unit"
Number following indicates Phase: Three Phase
3 numbers following indicate amps. 
This unit is for a Three Phase, 200 Amp Circuit Breaker Panel. 

Kvar Panel units are installed on the top breaker of your breaker box.  Dedicated Circuit Breaker.  

"Dedicated" (by itself on the breaker) If an appliance is on the same breaker as the Kvar unit, and there is a  power surge or lightning strike, your Kvar unit will take the impact-- along with your  appliance.  

Top Circuit breaker is important to intercept the flow of electricity. Installing anywhere else will not give you the full savings benefit.  

Kvar is manufactured and installed according to article 460 of the National Electrical Code. It is strongly recommended that installation be performed by an Electrician.

If most of the panel is lighting, or if you have a large amount of inductive loads, please contact us for more information. 

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