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KVAR Power Factor Correction

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in what we pay for Electricity. 
Homes are paying more per kW, and Businesses are charged kW Demand Billing.
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According to EIA data, (US Energy Information Administration) national, annual electricity transmission and distribution losses average about 7% of the electricity that is transmitted in the United States.

Electrical system energy losses are associated with the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy in the form of electricity. 

Power Factor Correction is often an overlooked method for saving energy. Many people ask us, "why haven't we heard about this before?"

The answer is simple: when the cost for electricity was low, the “pay-back” rate didn't make good economic sense.

Now, at 17-39 cents per kilowatt, it makes sense to install a KVAR NATIONAL Energy Controller on your home or business circuit breaker panel, or “Custom-Size” a unit to larger inductive loads (motor) at industrial facilities. 

 Active Energy Efficiency 
(Schneider Electric White Paper)

Two areas frequently overlooked are those of harmonics and power factor. These invisible characteristics of an electrical system can influence consumption, costs, and even life expectancy of equipment.

Consumers with poor power factor waste electricity and incur additional costs
often without knowing it.

Power factor
relates to the electricity used in simply energizing the internal coils of a piece of equipment.

The charges for this useless or wasted energy can be hard to identify. The remedy is very simple use capacitors to store power.  Read more, from their website.   

           Why Not High Motor Power Factor?
                (US Motor)

"...You don't get as good a motor design by concentrating on high power factor. The motor designer has to consider a number of parameters such as temperature rise, torque characteristics and efficiency, as well as power factor, and he can't optimize them all. It's costly to try to design both high power factor and high efficiency into a motor, and some of the design changes that improve power factor, such as a reduced air gap, actually have the opposite effect on efficiency."  

The Causes of Low Power Factor

"...Low power factor is caused by inductive loads such as transformers, induction motors, generators and certain lighting ballasts. A significant amount of the power consumed by commercial customers is comprised of inductive loads.

"Inductive loads require the current to create a magnetic field that produces the desired work. The result is an increase in reactive and apparent power and a decrease in the power factor, or efficiency, of a system."

The efficiency of inductive equipment — and how it affects your system’s power factor —will vary depending on its manufacturer, design, size, and age. Most inductive equipment has a nameplate with operating data, including its power factor at rated load. You can use this information to identify equipment that may need to be upgraded." Excerpts from Con Edison website.

Make an appointment with a KVAR NATIONAL representative for a no cost consultation.  KVAR NATIONAL will help you reduce these charges in an economical way.

What do Power Companies think about KVAR?capacitor, utility, electric, power, pole


Power Companies use Capacitors on their Lines to improve distribution and delivery of electricity.

Con Edison, the Public Service Commission (PSC) in New York State, introduced a new reactive power charge. "Large commercial customers will be charged when their power factor, or efficiency, is less than 95 percent."

     Kvar, Installation, Sierra Shear, recycling facility                                              

What Power Companies don't want you to know.

Pictured at Left: Recycling Center installed a "Custom-Sized" Kvar unit on their Sierra Shear.  They are saving a substantial amount of money and energy.

Can we help you to save energy?   Do you have a question for us?  Please drop us an e-mail.  

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