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Electricial Specifications


Applicable to almost all kinds of fixed speed AC Induction Motors


 Energy Saving Range: 6% up to 25%, depending upon the size of the motor.

       Operating Life:

·    Residential Units (PU1200) warranted for 12 years                        

·    Commercial applications, warranted for 5 years. 

·    25-year life expectancy.    Home Unit

       Legal Information:

·    KVAR NATIONAL is Fully Insured

·    US Patent 5,440,442

·    Underwriters Laboratory Inc. listed, UL28EP

·    Canadian Standards Association listed, LR7840901

       Electrical Characteristics:

·    Phase: Single Ø/3Ø

·    Voltage Range: 220v up to 600 volts AC Application

·    Hertz: 50/60 Hz systems

·    Electrical Amperage Ratings per Phase:
     Single Ø: 7 Amp maximum
     3 Ø: 114 Amp maximum

·    Discharge System: Reduces voltage to 50 Volts or less within 5 minute of de-     energizing  

·    Operating Temperature: -40°C to +90°C

·    Wire Rating: 600Volts

       Physical Characteristics:

·    Flash Point: +182°C to200°C

·    Casing: Hermetically sealed aluminum case with turn plate steel cover

·    Insulating: Phenolic insulating bushings

·    Size 6” x 6.4” up to 12” x12”

·    General Exposure: NEMA 3Rindoor/outdoor

·    Resistant: THHN, MTW, THWW or AWM. Gasoline & Oil Resistant II

·    Component Liquid: Biosafe

        Installation Flexibility:

·   One KVAR Unit is installed to each inductive load. 

·   A single KVAR unit can be prescribed for multiple loads in one panel.


        Maintenance: Maintenance free


        Environment Protection: Environment friendly

Country of Origin: Made in USA



Kvar Installation                            Kvar Installation

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