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How to Install Kvar Unit

KVAR, Energy, Savings, Home Unit, PU1200, 200 amp, circuit breaker, panel
IMPORTANT!  Installation should be performed by an Electrician.

Kvar Energy Controller, Panel Mounted System 

Kvar Energy Controller, Panel Mounted System 
Installation is at the top breaker on a single or three phase service panel.  It must be a dedicated breaker, that is, only the KVAR Unit is on that breaker.  By installing the Kvar Energy Controller in this location, you are optimizing Power Factor from both sides of the bus bar in your panel.   Installation can be outdoors or indoors, at the main breaker panel or a sub-panel.
 Kvar, outdoor, installation, home, PU1200, single phase, 200 amp
Residential Units: Single phase 50 amp, 200 amp, 400 amp 
(Models PU1050, PU1200, PU1400

 Commercial Units: Three Phase 100 amp, 200 amp, 400 amp 
           (Models PU3100, PU3200, PU3400) 

Kvar Energy Controller, 
Residential Installation:
Kvar Energy Controller Panel Mounted System
On a residential installation, the recommend breaker size is 20 amps.  If the installation is outdoors and in a warmer climate, (Florida) the breaker size can be increased to a 30 amp breaker.
 Kvar, Energy, Savings, Panel Unit, Three Phase, 200 amp, PU3200

Kvar Energy Controller, Commercial Installation:

Kvar Energy Controller Panel Mounted System may be indicated for smaller businesses, like Deli’s, small restaurants and offices.  When determining the needs for a Commercial facility, there are a few factors to consider:

1) Is there a multiple of smaller intermittent inductive loads?

2) How long is the “run” time of the motors?
These factors indicate which Kvar Product to install:
Panel or Custom-sized unit.

Kvar Energy Controller, Industrial Applications:

Kvar Energy Controller, Custom-Sized System
Larger individual motors with long run-times are custom-sized to optimize Power Factor. The preferred location to install a Kvar Energy Controller is primarily at the load side of the motor starter contactor, and in some cases, at the motor disconnect.  National Electrical Code,(NEC) Article 460.

Kvar National is able to custom-size the correct Kvar unit for the motor by using the Patented KVAR Sizing Apparatus.  This creates the largest savings and quickest ROI.


UL ListedUS Green Building CouncilCSA Cleaner and Greener   RoHS  

Single Phase units for Homes and Small Businesses. 
Three Phase units for Business and Industry.
 Custom-sized units for all applications.

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