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The Product Power Companies don’t want you to know about

Installing KVAR on your home Circuit Breaker Panel saves money.

Politicians and the Media are always talking about “saving energy” and is constantly directing us to decrease electrical consumption. 

The Power Companies are in business to make money and do not want to loose revenue.  Electrical rates will continue to rise. After all, they have share holders to answer to!
Capacitors on utility Pole
So, reality is, you won't hear about KVAR from the Power Companies. 
We have testimonials from home owners and businesses who are saving money after installing a KVAR unit at their load center.

Power Companies use KVAR technology.

Capacitors are installed to improve the Power Factor on power lines and outside large industrial facilities to save energy.  The capacitors are installed for the benefit of the Power Company--
not for the benefit of their customers.

"Programs" offered by the Power Companies are prompting consumers to decrease electrical consumption to save on electricity costs. These programs directly affect  lifestyle and living conditions.  

Our local Power Company installed "Solar Panels on Poles", at a cost of $770 Million.

Power Companies are charging residential customers more money

...to compensate them for losses due to increased use of Energy Efficient products and Renewable Energy.
 Arizona Power

Power Companies are charging businesses for Power Factor

"To encourage businesses to reduce their use of reactive power, we will be introducing a new reactive power charge. Large commercial customers will be charged when their power factor, or efficiency, is less than 95 percent." Con Edison

The KVAR Difference

Kvar will save you money by reducing the amount of electricity you draw from the Power Company. Your home will use the energy more efficiently. No change in lifestyle.

What about Government Energy Rebates?

Our project totals usually do not reach the total amount threshold for grants to subsidize our projects. 
(We were actually told that we should increase the price of our projects to qualify for these "hand-outs")

If a technology (solar, wind) cannot stand alone on its “return on investment”, why should the Federal Government (the taxpayers) subsidize it? 


Safety is the top concern at Kvar Energy, and Kvar National.   Kvar products are UL Listed.  Manufacture and installation is performed according to the National Electric Code, Article 460. 

Beware of 
Counterfeit products- they could be dangerous!


           Kvar Home Unit, single phase, residential, PU1200

The KVAR Energy Recycler 
          Saves Money
without change of lifestyle.


UL ListedUS Green Building CouncilCSA Cleaner and GreenerC E RoHS   


Please be aware
"Copycat" products make claims that are untrue. Some are manufactured in China--
or in a Residential Garage.   
Our company only sells the original
Made in the USA

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