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For the Skeptic

Skeptical about the performance of the KVAR NATIONAL Energy Recycler?

Answers, for the Skeptic.
The internet has many posts, with contrary information about KVAR.  As with any subject on the internet, it is important to evaluate the source of the content.  Many of these websites have other agendas and products to sell, and use negative tactics to promote their goal. 

Many of these sites sell products that claim to be the same as our product.  Many of these products claim to be UL listed.  These
impostors may use components that are UL listed, but their product is not.  UL visits the KVAR manufacturing facility regularly to insure that the components and the final product meet specifications. 

Some competitors have products made in China, or worse yet: someone's residential garage.

KVAR NATIONAL Energy Recyclers are Made in the USA. 

Kvar Units Installed at the Circuit Breaker

capacitors, utility, power, company, polePanel Units are the recommended product when there are multiple intermittent loads cycling on and off throughout the day.  Installing a KVAR NATIONAL ENERGY RECYCLER at the top breaker of a Circuit Breaker Panel intercepts the reactive current, and “recycles” it back to the motors.


There are no definitive answers to how much you will save with a KVAR NATIONAL Panel Unit installation, nor can there be any “independent testing”. 

There are many reasons:

·    Electrical Equipment

A KVAR unit saves money and energy on the cost of operating motors: Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Air Conditioning, Pool. A KVAR unit will not save energy with Electrical devices like Lighting, TV and Gaming systems and home security systems. If these are the type of devices running constantly in your home, your best way to save energy is through conservation”: turn them off.


·    Temperature Differences

Homes vary in temperatures, by choice.  In the summer months, some home thermostats are set just high enough to prevent “body baking”, while others set it to “blizzard” settings.  Others simply open the windows and do not use much Air Conditioning. In the winter months, there are some savings in homes with forced air or heat pumps.  A Kvar unit will not save on electric heat.


·    Number of Occupants

Numbers of occupants vary from home to home.  Washers, dryers, and dishwashers may run  
constantly with a large family, and not often in an “empty nesters” home.  Frequently opening the front door and the refrigerator door also has an impact on energy consumption. 


·    Age Groups in residence

Every age group uses energy differently.  Hairdryers. Temperature and lighting requirements.  Electrical equipment associated with health issues.

There are simply too many variables to quantify the amount of savings to any particular homeowner.

Take a current reading at installation. Compare the amount of current draw before, and the amount after your unit is installed.

has many homeowner testimonials, exclusive to KVAR NATIONAL.

KVAR NATIONAL Guarantees Energy Savings.

Motors in Industry


Correcting Poor Power Factor improves Power Quality for motors in Industry. The US Department of Energy, US Motors, and a variety of Schneider Electric White Papers recommends installation of capacitors for Power Factor Correction.

National Electric Code Article 460 gives direction on how to install capacitors. kvar, installation, industry, custom size, power factor, power quality




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